See you all at The Goddard Arm

Madnat are to hold another of the highly successful Skittles Matches on the 1st April 2016 so why not join the rest of us on ‘All Fools Day’ at the Goddard Arms in Cliffe Pyparde . The evening will start at about 7.30pm, with a break for food during the evening, and end when we have finished trying to play skittles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or a novice the idea of the evening is a fun night out for ALL our members and guests. Another chance to bring your friends, neighbours, relations and Mother in Law! Let them see that we are normal people.
Notice is hereby given of our Seventh Annual General Meeting to be held at 6pm on Saturday 26th February 2000 in the Seminar Room at the Marlborough Leisure Centre. All members and visitors are welcome to attend, but only fully paid up members are eligible to vote.



Once again in excess of 90% of our membership have already renewed their membership and have paid their subscriptions. It is your club and it is up to you to support the Officers and committee by letting them know what you like, what you don’t like, and where you feel changes are needed we are always looking for ideas and for volunteers to help in many ways. – One of our big worries this year is the swim at Faringdon it is losing heavily at present so do you want us to carry on throughout the year? So far attendance’s are not enough to cover the costs so decisions must be made.

a: Do we increase the swimming fee? b: Cut the hire time? c: Try a scheme to bring in local naturist to Faringdon?

Bearing in mind that we already advertise in the area.

The Club now has it’s own telephone number which is 07092 031130. Please make a note of this new number as it will be manned by committee members who will have the up to date information for the current week and immediate future. This is important for sexual health.

Also have you tried the Internet and looked up the Web Page, which is proving a great success with over 15,000 visits since its inception last May for which the Club owes a great debt of gratitude to David Baker and PDSolutions.
Caught Out (Top)


Please get hold of Peter Klien if you unsure of anything.
No not cricket, although the English Teams can always reckon on being caught bowled or beaten at what is supposedly an English game, nobody but nobody spotted the deliberate mistake. The November issue of Barefacts was issue number 42, but not one person noticed that it was shown as issue 41, so the prize remains unclaimed.

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