Why people choose a younger partner?

What is what is looking for a man in a younger woman? What is a woman looking for a man younger than her? “By launching this question, we would say of say input and point blank what the older man seeks to feel young and powerful and seeks a representation of social success.” And the young woman can find a father figure or one greater stability or even a maturity that she didn’t find at her own age. ,”responds Delfina Miéville, sociologist, sexologist, and agent of equality. However, they have a gender bias. And this, in turn, adds a cultural bias: “we are a more aging society, but at the same time we are younger (30 is the new 20). This is the demand of modernity: be productive longer.


In this way, and this social framework in the background, extrapolated to relationships, we are to understand, explains Miéville, healthy relationships have, among their many conditions to be equal. That is, there are no power relations among its members. Currently, adds Bolinches, women already does not seek both the protection of man, but instead the man, as a general rule, still looking for the comfortable relationship. Man, he says, want, normally, be it the admired. This is what most men we interviewed said.

The man generally, starting at age 45-50, indicates Coronado, have a need of reaffirming, and looking for relationships so in younger people. For its part, the women at that age, the need to reassert itself is given by the fact of the conquest itself, therefore age do not have so much to do in this case. Their self-esteem is reinforced on the basis of the conquest. And not so much sex as the men. But, insists, this does not always have to be to
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