Coyote Sighting Survey

A survey is being conducted to learn more about human-coyote interactions occurring in Metro Chattanooga, including areas in which coyotes are being seen and citizen concerns. With this information we hope to gain much needed knowledge about the "urban" coyote and implement best management strategies to decrease human-coyote conflict. Finally, we believe this will be a foundation for future Chattanooga coyote studies, while most importantly a proactive approach towards a coexistence based relationship between Chattanooga and our relatively new neighbor, the coyote.

1. When did your coyote sighting occur?

Date (MM/DD/YYYY) 
Time (Hour)  
Time (Minute) 

2. What did you see?

One coyote
More than one coyote
Coyote pups
A den site
Not Sure
If other, please explain: 

3. What was the duration of your sighting?

fleeting/very brief
long enough for me to get a good look at the coyote(s)
I routinely see the coyote(s).

4. Where did the sighting take place?

Please indicate the part of town where your sighting occurred. Be as specific as possible. 

5. Do you have any recordings of your sighting?

6. What are your greatest concerns regarding coyotes? 
Please explain: 

7. Would you be willing to be contacted about your sighting?

No, thank you.
Yes, I have provided my contact information below.
Phone Number 
E-mail Address 

8. Is there anything else you would like to share about your coyote sighting?

To prove you are a human, please tell us which has two legs?

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